Te.Cha Rose Oolong Tea

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Enjoying your day can be possible if you start it perfectly and that can be easier once you have a warm cup of rose oolong tea at morning.

50 gm | 25 Cups | Rs. 31.96/Cup

While caffeinated beverages are not good for health, tea is a bit exceptional. While you have green tea or oolong tea, you need not be afraid of having the bad effects of caffeine. Oolong tea is full of health benefits that can keep you energetic for an entire day. Go for the rose oolong tea by Techa to meet your need for health benefits as well as wonderful flavour. The aroma of rose can eliminate all stress and tension from your mind and refresh your senses while the oolong tea itself provides immense benefits to your health. The natural ingredients of this tea along with the goodness of oolong tea can be the best choice for the tea lovers of your family. To prevent health issues, like osteoporosis, tooth decay, and even cancer, this tea is really beneficial.
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