Te.Cha Assam Maharaja Halmari Black Tea

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Buy assam maharaja halmari black tea from Techa Tea. This is one of the finest rich and malty tea made from flavorful whole leaves plucked from the top most orthodox clones.

100gm | 40 Cups | Rs. 12.47/Cup

Known to be the finest rich and malty Assam teas, this Halmari black tea is made from the flavourful whole leaves plucked from the top most orthodox clones. Indicating the premium quality, this tea contains lots of golden tips & proffers a notably rich, brisk & sweet flavour profile. While it compliments well with milk, one can equally enjoy this sumptuous cup of tea as it is.

Scent : Flamboyant flavours of dates and grapes with malt and delicate hints of lily.

Flavour : Substantially sweet with invigorating flavours of grapes, dates and hazelnut coming together in perfect sync.

Merits : Rich in antioxidants this tea helps in reducing cholesterol levels, maintaining blood sugar control, lowering the risk of heart and kidney diseases.

Recommended number of steeps : Two

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