Te.Cha Black Mint Tea

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There is no better thing to start a refreshing day with a cup of warm black mint tea. Start your day in a healthy way with this beverage.

100 gm | 50 Cups | Rs.15.98/Cup

Tea is one of the best beverages that come with lots of health benefits. As the amount of caffeine is quite limited in tea, you can have it two to three times a day. And when you are having black mint tea, you are getting a perfect blend of aroma. Black mint tea by TeCha is awesome for your regular consumption as it is full of natural ingredients. From controlling your weight to take care of your heart, a cup of black mint tea can take the best care of your health. Start your day with a cup of black mint tea and stay refreshed throughout the day. This product can keep you energetic, and you will perform the best.
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