Te.Cha Chamomile Green Tea

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Give your day a healthy start and enjoy a warm cup of chamomile green tea that can enliven your mood.

100 gm | 50 Cups | Rs.15.98/Cup

There are several types of tea available at the market, all with healthy benefits. If you are looking for a healthy tea option that can give your day a beautiful start, have a cup of warm chamomile green tea. The green tea by Techa is full of health benefits and when you combine it with chamomile; you can stay away from health issues like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high cholesterol rate, etc. You can have a cup at morning. But, if you have it after a tiring day or before going to sleep, you can get the maximum benefit of the tea. You do lots of things to lose weight. A cup of hot chamomile green tea after a meal can increase your metabolism and makes the digestion process faster. Chamomile in the green tea is the awesome combination for a healthy beverage.

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