Te.Cha darjeeling golden tips black tea

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Darjeeling Golden Tips Black tea will mesmerise everyone with its beautiful sweet taste and aroma.

100gm | 40 Cups | Rs. 26.22/Cup

The Darjeeling golden tips Tea is a luxurious smelling tea acquired from the famous hill station of West Bengal. Along with its taste and feel it is also good for our health. The fresh tea gives our body the much needed rejuvenation through its anti-oxidant properties. The polyphenols found in the tea can reduce the risk of cancer when at least a cup of it is drunk on a daily basis. The tea can also help in obesity related issues as it aids in metabolism. Darjeeling golden tips tea has the properties to treat or prevent tooth decays. It is also a relied for people facing gastric ulcer issues for a long time. The nice smelling tea does wonders to your body when you include it as a part of your daily routine.
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