Te.Cha Darjeeling Muscatel Black Tea

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This Darjeeling tea comes from the second flush of teas which gives an elusive muscatel taste to it. Muscatel denotes a unique muscat-like fruitiness in its enchanting aroma and wonderful flavour. The leaves are usually small as they are plucked young and gives a bright golden colour to the brewed cup!

100 gms | 40 Cups | ₹ 14.97/Cup

Darjeeling Muscatel Black Tea is grown at the foot of the Himalayas in the region of Darjeeling. The fruity smelling brew is perfect for a cold and mild day. The tea is picked young and processed to bring the Muscatel flavor into it. There are numerous benefits that one can get from drinking the cup of tea like anti-inflammatory properties, weight loss and increase in metabolism, diabetes prevention, etc. The flavor of the tea is rich due to its processing, and it is really good for keeping our teeth bacteria free and healthy. A perfectly brewed black tea would be beneficial for the bones and would give soft and glowing skin. Older people should have the tea every day to prevent chronic ailments that are common due to increase in age. This should definitely be consumed at least once a day to see the results.

Scent : Sweet and fruity.

Flavour : Strong muscatel flavour with fruity citrus notes and thick body.

Merits : Higher amounts of polyphenols lowers the risk of diabetes, relieves stress , reduce plaque formation as well as the risk of heart stroke.

Recommended number of steeps : Two

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