Te.Cha Lavender Blossoms Green Tea

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How about an aromatic start of your day? With lavender blossom green tea, you can relieve your senses and enlighten your mood after a tiring day.

100 gm | 50 Cups | Rs. 16.58/Cup

Many of you crave for flavours while having tea. The lavender blossom green tea from TeCha is the perfect answer for your quest. It is a perfect combination of health benefits with aromatic celebration. Prepared with all natural ingredients, you can get the best benefits of those. While green tea is effective to treat lots of health problems, the lavender blossom will give you the enchanting aroma to get inclined to your cup. This is the perfect blend of taste and fragrance while green tea is perfect for your health. If you are aiming towards leading a healthy life, a cup of lavender blossom tea can help you there.

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