Te.Cha Masala Chai Black Tea

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Black tea should be the staple for everyone’s morning routine to have good health.

100gm | 50 Cups | Rs.11.98/Cup

Masala chai is famous around India for its flavour and its benefits to our health. The blend of tea is made from handpicked black tea and natural spices that are beneficial. Well brewed black tea is good for people who suffer from cardiovascular issues. Digestion is also often a concern and a cup of good black tea can aid digestion. It is recommended to have at least two cups of black tea daily. Black tea also has an added benefit of reducing cholesterol and the risks of breast cancer. The spices like ginger and cinnamon are natural anti-oxidants which help in boosting the immune system of the body. A good cup of masala black tea will ensure good health and a healthy start to everyone’s morning if taken daily.

Flavour : Refreshing sweet taste of cinnamon and cardamom with spicy hints of ginger, pepper and cloves.

Merits : Anti inflammatory, Beats fatigue, Fights cold and flu, Improves digestion and Prevents diabetes.

Recommended number of steeps : Two – Three

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