Te.Cha Mint Lavender Black Tea

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Feeling lethargic and you want to eliminate your Monday Blues? A cup of mint lavender black tea can refresh your mood and make you energetic to start your weekdays.

100 gm | 50 Cups | Rs. 16.98/Cup

It is true that caffeinated drinks are not good for your health. But, when it comes to mint lavender black tea, you can stay out of the harmful effects of caffeine. This tea is a perfect combination of aroma and taste along with several types of health benefits. Mint lavender black tea by Techa is the perfect product that you want to have at morning to start your day afresh. To treat health issues like tooth decay, high blood pressure, poor digestive problems, etc. black tea perfect. A warm cup of this tea after a hectic day can uplift your mood and also remove all exhaustion.
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