Te.Cha Darjeeling Moonshine Geranium White Tea, Natural Whole Leaf Blend

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Two leaves and a bud are carefully plucked and brought to the factory in baskets which are rolled & dried. After drying the tea leaves, dried geranium leaves are added to the tea. The Pubescence is seen through these leaves as they merge between green & white, open & rolled leaf along with brown geranium leaves.

25 gms |12.5 Cups | Rs. 47.92/Cup

Moonshine geranium white tea is handpicked to perfection and the least amount of processing is applied to it for retaining its benefits. Geranium is added to have a blend of tea that is aromatic and is beneficial to one’s health. Moonshine geranium white tea is rich in anti-oxidants which helps in preventing diseases like stroke, diabetes, heart related issues and blood pressure problems. The geranium added is beneficial is lowering stress and depression in an individual. At least one cup of tea should be consumed every day to feel the results. The blend will help in aiding kidney problems and also reduces inflammation.Skin related problems are also restored with the help of white tea and geranium alike. So to get the numerous benefits have a cup every day.

Scent : Open green leaf with distinct rosy geranium aroma.

Flavour : The liquor is light with a gentle geranium aroma & flavor typical to the clone.

Merits : Prevents hardening of arteries and removes toxins from the body along with a great taste. Boosts immunity. Skin tonic. Promotes hair growth. Detoxifies the body.

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