Te.Cha Glass Tea Tumbler with Stainless Steel Infuser & Strainer

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Enjoy your favorite teas, on the go. This tea infuser ensures to provide with the best and raw flavours and aroma with the perfect amount of infusion.

550 ML

Te.Cha Glass Tea Tumbler with Stainless Steel Infuser & Strainer, Leak-Proof Tea Bottle for Loose Leaf Tea and Fruit Water, BPA-Free Double Wall Glass Tea Flask/Mug with Bamboo Lid, Clear (550 ML)

It is often hard to find a good tea infuser which not just retains the authentic taste and aroma of the tea but ensures the optimum infusion of the same. The special trait of this specific tea infuser available at Techa is the fact that it is not just double walled but is shaped as a flask. This makes it very easily portable and that too without any kind of spilling. The material of the glass used makes it one of the best in the given price range. This intensifies the taste and also ensures the perfect infusion of the tea leaves.

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