Te.Cha Glass Teapot Kettle with Glass Infuser and Bamboo Lid, 100% Microwave-Safe Borosilicate Glass Tea Pot, Clear (800 ML)

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The teapot ensures not just the perfect brewed cup of tea but keep every last bit of the flavour intact.

800 ML

Bamboo is one of those multi-purpose natural products that helps in a number of things. The addition of the same in making the perfect lid for the kettle as of this product is one of the best ways to ensure the perfect flavour infusion and keeping the same intact. One of the things about this kettle is the fact that it is best out of best quality glass which ensures not just the harmless cup of tea but lasts a very long time. It is definitely time to switch from the previous kettle and switch to the best ones by Techa.

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