Te.Cha Monkey Picked Oolong Tea, Most Supreme Hand-Plucked Oolong Tea

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Buy monkey picked oolong tea online at Techa Tea. This is the super quality hand plucked tea With a strong and long-lasting fragrance. Shop loose leaf monkey picked oolong tea.

50 gms | 20 Cups | Rs. 62.45/Cup

According to the legends, monkeys were trained by Buddhist monks to pluck the youngest leaves from the wild trees on steep mountainside. But in today’s time the term “monkey-picked” means an oolong tea of the most superior quality. This hand-plucked tea is evenly sixed that unfurls to create a light, orchid aroma and the top most grade of oolong.

Scent : Refreshing orchid aroma.

Flavour : Rich honey like flavour.

Merits : Boosts metabolism causing weight loss, lowers cholesterol, increase mental alertness, aids digestion and betters the skin conditions.

Recommended number of steeps : Two

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