Te.Cha Orange Lavender Green Tea, Best Blend for Taste, Aroma & Health

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For every tea lovers, orange lavender green tea can appeal to their senses and relieve them from stress and anxiety while taking best care of their health.

100 gm | 50 Cups | Rs. 15.98/Cup

Are you looking for a perfect combination of taste and health? Having orange lavender green tea can be the best answer of your quest. Buying this tea by Techa can be the best thing you can do to meet the requirement of tea lovers of your family. Enriched with the benefits of green tea, lavender and orange, this product is really awesome for all tea lovers. Whether you are suffering from anxiety or any heart issues, having a come of this tea can soothe your senses and you can feel relieved. Troubles, like high cholesterol and diabetes can also be treated with this tea. Orange lavender green tea is effective for weight management and also good for your skin care. Have orange lavender green tea twice a day and say goodbye to all your health issues.

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