Te.Cha Orange Mint Green Tea, Most Refreshing Combination of All Green Teas

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This green tea offers a natural mantra for uplifting your energy, where orange pairs beautifully with mint having its soothing flavour and cooling after-sensation. Orange and mint creates a refreshing and unique tea concoction and works wonderfully as a hot or cold infusion.

100 gms | 50 Cups | Rs.23.98/Cup

The ingredients of this mix of tea are full of beneficial fruits and leaves found around us. The citrus and mint together is a mix of health benefits like immunity booster and being an anti-oxidant. Orange mint green tea is best for suffers of diabetes as it helps in controlling the insulin spikes. If someone is a lover of minty orange flavours then this tea will be perfect for them. Orange mint tea also helps in prevention of cancer and blood pressure issues that are rampant in today’s world. The green tea infusion will also help in giving you a fat less body as it increases the metabolism of our body and helps us lose weight. If you have skin related problems then this cup of tea can give you a glowing and healthy skin in few days.

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