Te.Cha Silver Needle White Tea, Most Luxurious Champagne Look Chinese Tea

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Silver needle is a champagne- coloured, most revered Chinese tea made up of soft, plump immature leaf buds or the young “needles” coated with minute silvery hairs. Its delicate, smooth and mellow taste makes it a perfect sip on long, persistent afternoons.

50 gms | 20 Cups | Rs. 79.95/Cup

Silver needle white tea is made using the finest buds of the green tea and is harvested only for two days in a year. The minimally processed tea is full of antioxidants to help the body fight several diseases and helps in boosting and restarting the proper work of our immune system. It normalises the blood glucose level of the human body which has an amazing benefit for sufferers for diabetes. The LDL or the level of bad cholesterol in our body is lowered by the intake of this white tea. In weight related problems silver needle white tea has been seen the most beneficial as it breaks down the fat cells very easily. If someone drinks this perfectly brewed tea everyday then they would have good heart health, lean body and an overall good health in totality.

Scent : Floral scent.

Flavour : Refreshing, sweet and airy for the taste buds.

Merits : Neutralizes free radicals reducing the risk of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, aging, diabetes and other undesired processes and ailments.

Recommended number of steeps : Two

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