Te.Cha Tulsi Green Tea, 100% Natural Tulsi Leaf Blend for Immunity & Weight Loss

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This wonder drink is none other than green tea. Green tea and tulsi both are known for being rich in antioxidants. Their combination together energizes and refreshes body, mind and soul. This tea, keeps you going and boosts your stamina.

100gms | 50 Cups | Rs. 15.98/Cup

Tulsi is a part of most household in India for its several benefits. When it is blended with Green Tea the benefits are doubled. A person who will have a cup of Tulsi green tea everyday will have a surge of anti-oxidants in their body. Both tea helps in detoxifying the body and starts the day with an added freshness. Tulsi is also a natural antibiotic which helps in preventing infections and also heals the existing ones. This tea will be best when you fall sick from flu or viral fever because of its health benefits. A cup of Tulsi green tea should be taken everyday to increase metabolism in people suffering from weight related issues. So, this tea should be drank by every adult to introduce the holiness of holy basil and Green tea.

Scent : Aroma of refreshing Tulsi.

Flavour : sweet with spicy notes

Merits : both green tea and Tulsi together promotes healthy metabolism which is vital to weight management. It Enhances the respiratory system and Strengthen immunity.

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